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You are owning a Netatmo weather station and want to benefit form additional data of the huge weather community?

This app is adding missing rain and wind modules to your station, by data of nearby stations. Alternatively, you can log to the almost next station world-wide. Without any difference compared to your own station. Including diagrams, for sure.

The user interface reveals fastest access to all weather informations and is creating live weather maps on your device: Check for high and low pressure regions, or create a rain or wind radar, instantly.

- Manual data updates.
This is saving battery and ensure
almost actual data.

- Diagrams of previous 4 days:
- Barograph
- Temperature & dewpoint
- Relative & specific Humidity
- Wind & gust speed
- Wind direction
- Rain
- Cloud base*

- Seamless integration of "Clime"
app for statistics of past data, if
being installed

- Maps are calculated on your phone in-situ
and will be updated, every time the
map region changed:
- Air pressure
- Rain*
- Temperature
- Dew Point
- Humidity*
- Wind speed*

- Maps are based on up to 2000 stations.
That's configurable and twice of
Netatmo's weather map.

- CO2 and indoor humidity warnings
when out of recommended range.*

- Ability to add favorites of
any web page *

- Missing rain and wind modules
are added automatically to your
station data *

- Switch between home and
public stations by enabling GPS *

- In public mode the almost next
station will be shown. *

- Blacklist for external Stations *

- VoiceOver support (English)*

- Presentation mode with data
update every 15 min, when being
in foreground.*

* Pro-Features

Why maps?
Be honest: Are you able to predict weather by your station data only? Nobody can, but a rain radar is easy to read for everyone. Isn't it?

*You need to have a netatmo station to use this app
*Each time when moving the map window it is downloading the related latest data. That takes 2 - 20s, depending on the performance of Netatmo's servers.
*GPS is looking for stations within 15km
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