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#79 in Card Games (iPhone) on Oct 22, 2014

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Five-Deuce is (seriously) a powerful, beautiful, and easy to use poker tournament timer for iPhone and iPod touch. Don't fold, get the best!

An elegant and powerful poker tournament timer that lets you save as many tournament structures as you need, then select and play without having to reprogram rules. The program includes several standard tournament structures, or you can build your own from scratch with no restrictions. The smart-blind selector will make building your own tournaments quick and easy.

Five-Deuce can handle any game or stakes: Hold em, Omaha, Stud, or mixed-game tournaments are no problem.

Five-Deuce can track buy-ins, re-buys, and add-ons to automatically calculate prizes. These prizes can be smart default payouts based on the number of players, or fully customizable payout levels. You can even use descriptions for prize-based tournaments (1st: Pizza Coupon).
Intuitive interface lets you quickly see and adjust what you need to during play.
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