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Transfer contacts from one iPhone's address book to another iPhone with just a few clicks. With ContactClone Pro, you can send and receive contacts with either ContactClone (which is free) or ContactClone Pro.

ContactClone Pro lets you share your contacts in groups or categories, so you can easily give access to Business contacts while at work and Family contacts when at home.

Why try and type in all the name, phone, email, address information to add a contact to your iPhone if someone else with an iPhone already has it? Or why make them re-enter the information if you've got it to share? Make a copy with ContactClone Pro.

Simply start ContactClone Pro* on the two or more iPhones (or iPod touches) when you're in the same wireless network. Pick the contacts from your address book you want to share; or browse the contacts the other person is sharing from their iPhone.

Just a touch of the person's name will add them into the address book. Including all information, email, phone number, even the photo. A perfect clone.

Each group in ContactClone Pro has a different Key that lets you only share your contacts with the people you want, and only the group you want to share with them. And you can set to always keep some things private (photos, notes, etc.)

* You can have the person you're sharing with get the free ContactClone so they can receive your contacts, or send you their contacts, for free. ContactClone is available in the App Store now.
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