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iCatchall Travel: 14+ Apps in One Screenshot
All your travel essentials in one integrated "Utility App" suite. Save money and save space, you would fill a whole screen on your iPhone or iPod touch with icons to get the same features!

A toolbelt of utilities
* File Storage to bring important files with you
* Currency Converter with rates updated daily
* Unit Converter
* Tip Calculator
* Flashlight
* Digital Clock
* Reward for Return to help get your iPhone back if lost
* ContactClone to send or receive contacts

And a selection of fun stuff to pass the time:
* Two player pokerplay against a friend, sharing one iPhone
* Game Dice to play any number of dice gamesuse from 1 to 5 dice
* Game Timer for your hourglass needs
* And more.

Every single feature we could have released as a separate app...but we've built them all together into one super app.

That's pennies per feature now and the value will only keep going up as we keep adding more. Upgrades are free, and we keep adding more and more each version.

Currency Converter rate updates require an Internet connection
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