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Rocket Cop is a fast-action space game for the iPhone or iPod touch.

You control a fleet of rockets that must be guided to safety past asteroids, UFOs, and other obstacles. Avoid the obstructions, or shoot them down with missiles from your bases.

You have the tools to do the job:
☆ Guide the incoming rockets to their bases by drawing a line for the flight path you want them to follow.
☆ Launch missiles to destroy obstacles to keep a clear path for your rockets.
☆ Double-tap your rockets for a burst of speed to avoid collisions.
☆ For Space Station levels, you even rotate the station to line up ships with the correct dock colors.

Each of the 8 missions (the first two available for free) add something new and different to the gamealiens, black holes, supernovas, and more. With more levels and challenges coming in the next update!

☆ See game play videos on
☆ Features In-App Purchase: Free and Full version in one app.
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