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#2 in Travel (iPhone) on Jul 9, 2012

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More cool listings & photos — New Orleans Hauntings! — Highway 61 Blues Trail! — SXSW finds!

Resized — Updated for iOS7 — Faster updates!

Best Road Trip Ever contains almost 10,000 unique offbeat destinations, including enticing eateries, great folk art sites, Route 66 highlights and other roadside distractions in one easy-to-use app. Perfect for Route 66 aficionados, road trippers and photographers – anyone who loves to get in the car and explore!

Where are you? What’s nearby? Easily pinpoint your exact location on the road, check out what’s nearby with thousands of photos and tons of stories. You won’t find the “typical” spots found on most travel apps – no run-of-the-mill fast food joints (unless they have a UFO or giant being on the building).

Any app can give you a phonebook listing of what’s in the area, Best Road Trip Ever gives you the handpicked offbeat attractions that make taking the back roads a lot more fun!

- Roadside attractions across all 50 states.
- 600+ of the “World’s Largest” and Muffler Man sightings
- Over 4,000 roadside attractions, offbeat museums and unnatural wonders
- 900+ folk art sites, galleries and museums
- More than 4,000 favorite local eats and classic diners…(including ones from your favorite tv shows)
- lmost 3,000 historic markers to give you a feel for the history of the area.

Note: If you have flagged sites on an older version, they will NOT transfer to this update. (I feel your pain, I made screen shots of my flagged sights and remarked them on this version. Just hold down the top button (aka sleep button) and the home button at the same time, and it will put a photo of your screen into your photo album.)
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