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Deer Call & Pro Strategy Screenshot
18 perfect deer calls and pro strategies in your pocket always with you.
* Twilight & Moon Calendar
* Weekly moon phase data and animal activity rating based on Solunar theory.
* Rut phase and strategies for each phase.
* Set loop interval for calls.
* Flashlight.
* You can play a single call and you can also mix up to 16 of the calls with individual volume control to simulate the real world.

Included calls:
Adult Buck Grunt
Buck Bawl
Buck Grunt
Buck Raging Grunt
Buck Alert Wheeze
Buck Snort Wheeze
Buck Sparring
Buck Social Grunt
Deer Pawning
Deer Rattling
Deer Tending Grunt
Deer Wheeze
Doe Grunt
Estrus Bleat Mild
Estrus Bleat
Fawn Distress
Fawn Grunt
Young Buck Grunt

To extend the range, connect the iPhone / iPod to an external speaker.

If you intend to use the calls for hunting, check first your local game laws for legal use.
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