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"Math Out! 2: Trivia Challenge" is a board game that makes the practice of arithmetic operations more fun.

It's an excellent teaching tool for parents and teachers. It can be used in class for the student to play individually, or divide the class in four groups, where students collaboratively solve arithmetic operations, competing with each other.

The game's objective is to move around the board, scoring points by correctly answering the arithmetic operations. At the end of the game, the player with the higest score wins.

The game is divided in the following sections:
- Whole Numbers
- Fractions
- Percentages
- Decimals

Each section is divided into four arithmetic operators (addition, substraction, multiplication, and division), with three difficulty levels. The first level consists in basic arithmetic problems, and they can be solved with fast thinking. The second level has more difficult problems than the first, but easier than the third level. Most of the third level problems requires pencil and paper to solve them. Each problem is generated at random.

- Eight different game boards to choose from.
- Can be played up to 4 players.
- Choose the points required to win the game.
- Choose the game duration.
- Choose the turns that you want to play.
- Choose any combination of arithmetic operations and levels of difficulty.
- The time limit for each arithmetic operation and level of difficulty can be adjusted based on the player's abilities.
- Statistics tracking with a summary of the activities, at the end of the game.
- High score board.
- Languages: English, Spanish.
- 3 original songs as background music.
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