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#172 in Photo & Video (iPad) on Feb 20, 2017

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Switching your camera from taking Photos to Videos has never been easier. Twist to the right direction and Twich automatically switches to the Photo or Video type for that position!

Ever tried to take an important photo, but miss it because your camera was set to record video? Or lost valuable seconds in a video while you were tapping the button and waiting for the camera to switch? Don't miss that shot or video again!

Switch from Photo to Video mode on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch's camera simply by turning the device. Even tip to the direction you want before the app is started to get the type of shot you want as fast as possible.

Or do you need a fast, easy self-portrait or video? There's no need to tap-hunt for the button; change a setting and Twich can even make the whole screen act as a photo/record button!

Helpful tips show when you start the app, and anytime you rotate it:
↓ Home button down = Portrait Photos.
→ Home button on the right = Landscape Video.
↑ Home button on the top = Portrait Video.
← Home button on the left = Landscape Photos.

A quick action menu lets you view, email, or post your recent photos to Facebook or Twitter with just a couple taps.
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