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#72 in Education (iPhone) on Dec 18, 2015

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A MUST Have App for all students...

Manage your course grades using this Grade Calculator Plus.
Find your final score and the letter grade for all your courses course.
Find what you need in final exam to get A or B+ or ... in each course
major Features
•Create, change or remove a course
•Keep the list of all your courses with your score and letter grade all in one table
•Define different course grading policy (letter grade margines) for each course
•Supports both A, B, C and A+-, B+-, C+- grading styles
•Create, change or remove all your course assignments
•Define different maximum points and weights for each assignments
•Find your final score and your final letter grade based on the course grading policy and based on your assignment grades

•Find the score you need in the final exam (or in any other course assignments) to get any target grade (for example A) in the course
•This App tells you what is the minimum grade you need to get A!
•customizable grading policy to consider the curve for grading
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