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CalmKeeper gives you tools to quickly move from panic to peace. Designed by clinical psychologists, CalmKeeper helps you build skills to manage moments of stress and uncertainty.


CalmKeeper provides immediate access to tools that will help you cope in a panic attack.

CalmKeeper also helps you learn about panic. Understanding how panic works is the first step to overcoming it. People who get panic attacks gain confidence when they improve how they manage these situations.

CalmKeeper provides five tools to help you deal with panic attacks and anxious feelings. The tools are customisable so you can set up the app to suit your personal preferences, or to incorporate the advice from a therapist.

The Orb breathing tool
Maintaining a regular breathing pattern will slow your heart rate and calm you down. The orb is a beautiful breathing guide that helps you with abdominal breathing. Breathe in as the orb expands, and out as it contracts. You can change the orb’s timing to better suit your personal slow breathing speed.

Word Maker
Finding words in a jumble of letters is a great distraction when you’re feeling panic sensations. This tool is an exercise that uses your creativity and vocabulary. You can try to find 100 words on a screen, or start over with a fresh screen whenever you like.

Match Game
Match game is a visual concentration game that’s designed to distract from your panic for more than a moment or two. Tap the grid to find the six shape pairs, and the game will refresh to a new grid. You might enjoy this game when you’re at peace as well.

Positive state coping statements
Coping statements help you overcome negative thoughts. CalmKeeper’s Positive State tool is a series of coping statements that you customise or include your own.

Quick Distractions
Distractions can keep your anxiety from escalating to panic. CalmKeeper’s Quick Distractions is a series of tasks that will keep your focus away from negative thoughts.

Panic attacks are common and can happen anywhere - in a meeting, at the supermarket, at a party, alone at home or in a crowd. You can take simple steps to cope and gain relief from what can be terrifying symptoms. Created by clinical psychologists, CalmKeeper can be used on its own, or in conjunction with therapy.
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