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#28 in Racing Games (iPhone) on Feb 5, 2014
#45 in Racing Games (iPad) on Nov 19, 2013
#76 in Arcade Games (iPhone) on Nov 20, 2013
#91 in Arcade Games (iPad) on Nov 27, 2013
#270 in Top Games (iPhone) on Feb 6, 2014

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Run and jump your way through the retro arcade WORLD 1-1.
You are a daring pizza delivery boy and the delivery guarantee does not have an exception for alien invasions. Make your way through an 8-bit land filled with platforms, pitfalls, crazy power ups, dangerous obstacles, and of course, ALIENS! Grab pizza slices along the way, and deliver them to houses for big bonuses.
How far can you go?

WORLD 1-1 combines the style and fun of retro arcade games from the 1980s with the fast paced action of modern endless runners.

Play your way using either tilt (accelerometer) or classic joystick. These intuitive and easy to learn controls keep the focus on the game.

A new world is created every day bringing endless variety and fun!
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