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For the first time, TCM Phyto makes the study of traditional Chinese phytotherapy, which has been developed systematically by Professor Hempen over many years, readily accessible to a wide range of users. Approximately 400 traditional Chinese medicines and over 250 traditional Chinese recipes are available. Each individual remedy and prescription is presented in a detailed monograph, with its effect systematically described throughout. Moreover, you can listen to every name in Chinese. A full-text search finds medicines and recipes quickly and easily by scanning the database of over 15,000 symptoms.

TCM Phyto is a unique source of knowledge that encompasses the entire contents of several standard works. The app can be used anywhere in the world thanks to its multi-language feature (German, English, Chinese and Pinyin), which enables the user to switch languages at any time. It also offers a graphical interface for entering Chinese characters.

Further TCM apps by Professor Hempen on diagnosis and acupuncture are scheduled for release in the future.
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