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    SkySafari 5 Plus Chart
    SkySafari 5 Plus
    SkySafari 5 Plus

    Number 2 in Reference (+22 today)
    Countdown to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun with SkySafari. New eclipse feature lets you know exactly when the eclipse will start in your location, how long it will las...
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    Fishing Deluxe - Best Fishing Times Calendar Chart
    Fishing Deluxe - Best Fishing Times Calendar
    Fishing Deluxe - Best Fishing Times Calendar

    Number 20 in Weather (No Change)
    SALE 30% OFF! The app gives you the best fishing times for your location, so you can plan fishing trips much better! What people say: …For years I've owned hundreds of dollar wo...
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    Piano - App to Learn & Play Piano Keyboard Chart
    Piano - App to Learn & Play Piano Keyboard
    Piano - App to Learn & Play Piano Keyboard

    Number 34 in Music (-185 today)
    Piano by Gismart is an electric keyboard simulator app with virtual musical instruments to help you learn chords and music notes! Learn how to play the piano keys in many interesti...
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    Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Chart
    Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro
    Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

    Number 52 in Music (-29 today)
    Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is the most INNOVATIVE and EXTENSIVE music tool for musicians out there. This app is invaluable for students of all levels, as well as professional perfor...
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    WikiLinks — Smart Wikipedia Reader Chart
    WikiLinks — Smart Wikipedia Reader
    WikiLinks — Smart Wikipedia Reader

    Number 54 in Reference (+93 today)
    WikiLinks is the most fun and powerful way to discover everything Wikipedia has to offer, in a fantastic multilingual and multimedia experience including an exclusive mind-map of y...
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    CoPilot UK & IRE – Offline Sat-Nav, Maps & Traffic Chart
    CoPilot UK & IRE – Offline Sat-Nav, Maps & Traffic
    CoPilot UK & IRE – Offline Sat-Nav, Maps & Traffic

    Number 55 in Navigation (-23 today)
    30% Off | Summer Sale | Limited Time Only The sat-nav app that’s built for you, the driver. CoPilot is the award-winning navigation and planning app that millions of individual ...
     $15.99  $13.99 Save $2!Details ›

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    PhysioU: Gait Chart
    PhysioU: Gait
    PhysioU: Gait

    Number 59 in Medical (-23 today)
    The Gait app is the first in a series of applications by PhysioU designed to train your eyes to analyze and understand human movement. The app is designed to help you learn and und...
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    Great Little War Game HD Chart
    Great Little War Game HD
    Great Little War Game HD

    Number 71 in Strategy Games (+221 today)
    GLWG is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone's talking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement, you'll keep coming back again and again ...
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    Hoops Manager 2 Chart
    Hoops Manager 2
    Hoops Manager 2

    Number 71 in Sports Games (+230 today)
    **Note: The iPad Pro display issue should be resolved. If you experience that issue, or any other, please let me know and I will work to resolve it ASAP. To the person commenting...
     $6.99  $4.99 Save $2!Details ›

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    Moon Gardening Chart
    Moon Gardening
    Moon Gardening

    Number 71 in Weather (-1 today)
    Can gardening by the Moon affect plants in your garden? This app will give you specific gardening advice based on the current Moon phase and Zodiac sign. * Specific Moon Gardenin...
     $1.99  $0.99 Save $1!Details ›

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